Take some dough, plait it, deep fry it and then submerse the hot fried dough into ice cold syrup and you have a koeksister. 341 calories of deliciousness and one third of your recommended daily allowance of carbs.

The name comes from the Dutch word “koek” which simply means “cake” while the sister (contrary to popular belief) refers to the “sizzling” sound it makes when being dropped in the ice cold syrup from the boiling oil.

Now take two sisters (see the pun) separated by 13807km, both in possesion of the “The Great South African cookbook”, who over the course of 2017 will kook (Afrikaans for cook) the same meal, on the same day and blog about it.

But really, this is about 2 sisters who miss each other every single day, and have found a way to bridge the gap and socialise over the same meal, at least once a month.


  1. We have to stick to the recipe explicitly.
  2. We may not substitute any of the ingredients we don’t like for those we fancy more.


Ingrid | I live in Penn, Buckinghamshire, UK with my husband and 2 children. I am a photographer, but a mother and wife first and foremost. I love to cook and I especially love to add new recipes to my repertoire.

Elizabeth | I live in Richards Bay, South Africa with my husband. I am a registered nurse and midwife. My favorite food on earth is pizza, with chocolate not far behind. I have always enjoyed cooking but it has defiantly become a firm favorite since our recent move. 

A little about “The Great South African cookbook” by Sello Hatang, CEO of the Nelson Mandela Foundation:

“Today, one in four South Africans suffers from hunger, and in some parts of the country one in six children suffer from severe malnutrition. Food insecurity is led by chronic levels on inequality and coupled with drought and high levels of unemployment. Many South Africans are in need on our help… I am therefore delighted that the publication of the Great South African cookbook will directly support the [Nelson Mandela] Foundation’s food-security work. Not only is it a joyous culinary celebration of our nations vibrant food culture, but proceeds from sales of the book will be used to develop and support community food and agricultural projects that will improve the lives of those who are in need of food and who need to be freed from poverty… Madiba said ” The world remains beset by so much suffering, poverty and deprivation. It is in your hands to make our world a better one for all, especially the poor, vulnerable and marginalized.

So if you like the recipes we are cooking, which we take no credit for, please support this amazing intuitive.